Saturday, July 11, 2009

Nancy & Peter's Prayer Update

Dear Prayer Partners:
Once again, thank you for your prayer support. You have carried us a long way since we began planning this trip. Much has occurred and more is still to come. I feel like I am walking on an unfamiliar dock, length unknown. Fog has rolled in, hiding what is on the other side. That remains to be seen, and is part of another story. I’m very interested in discovering what the trip was. God is up to something, of that I am certain – He will do an unparalleled work in our lives and hopefully through our ministry as well.

I am convicted to pray that He will release fruit through all the seed sown by others in the past – that what may be dormant for whatever reason, will burst into new life. I sense one of our purposes is to reclaim ground Satan has taken for himself which really isn’t his. Jesus will reign over what is rightly His!!

Praise Him for His goodness:
1. Mom’s health remains good along with her insistence to be independent while we are away.
2. A good home for our puppy; a positive initial orientation to a household with 4 larger dogs – she will be a new dog when she comes home. We give thanks for this provision as it was a significant concern for Mom who would love to be able to care for her.
3. The “2nd” suitcases allowed have been literally filled to bursting with Crocs, Teddies and gifts to be dispersed when we arrive.
4. The fund-raising lunch at Our Thai was filled to capacity with people and a spirit of togetherness on this journey. What an exciting time!! Non-Christian friends came – our friends said they would be back next year if relevant.
5. For all those who have joined in prayer and financial support to be part of His ministry team at home as well as abroad. We are well supported!!

Prayer Requests As We Go:
1. Smooth transition through the airports – that the extra suitcases will arrive, safely and protected from content damage.
2. Safety in our travel: health – there and back, in the country, etc. Spiritual protection as we are doing spiritual warfare work at a variety of levels. Protection of family, friends and prayer partners
3. Fruitfulness of ministry – to serve in His love, wisdom and power.

Blessings of His joy and delight because you partner with Almighty God.

Nancy and Peter

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  1. Hey Guys!
    It sounds as though it has been an interesting trip and it has only just begun. I am really sorry to hear about Marty but we knew that Satan would be working against you. However, you have a remarkable team and you have the secret weapon of the Lord being with you at all times. We miss you and hope you return to us safely.