Friday, August 28, 2009

Another Ratanak Team Going To Cambodia

Many of you have been following this blog over the past few months. In the next few days you will get a change of writers. My colleague Brian McConaghy, the founder of The Ratanak Foundation is leaving for Cambodia this weekend along with a few others who have 'joined' the Ratanak family. These include one of our board members from Canada---Steve F., then there is our Ratanak rep in the U.K, Steve N. who like Brian is a policeman and then there is Stephan and Beth, long term missionaries who have worked with mission organizations in Africa on several projects related to the poor and the oppressed. Stephan and Beth are now 'official' Ratanak partners. None of these have ever been to Cambodia before so it will be great to hear their perspectives as they see Cambodia with fresh new eyes. Joining this group will be Graham from Australia who has been to Cambodia several times and knows many of the people we have worked with. It is exciting to see how God is orchestrating various people to be a part of His work in Cambodia.

These guys will be spending time learning about various Ratanak projects. Please remember them in prayer as they will be in Cambodia from August 31 to September 13th.

In the mean time, some of my future blogging musings may be found on my own personal blog called: Child of God

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