Saturday, September 12, 2009

Letting it sink in.

What a strange thing this ministry is. Taking a team of nice Christian people to brothels etc! Yet this has been no normal team. They are very resilient and have held it together (better than me on occasion) and have stayed unified and focused. It has been a joy to have them here even if some of our circumstances have been far from joyful. I love this ministry despite many of the situations we see it, well... expands the horizons!
Yesterday afternoon we once again went out to play with all our little friends. In Svay Pak. Oh how you quickly fall in love with these little faces. They come to Rahab’s House most every day. We played games, swung them around, laughed did drawings and fell in love with them again - then waved goodbye to them once again at about 4pm as they went off to get their nice cloths and lipstick on (literally!) so they are ready to be sexually assaulted in the evening! Words cannot express this stuff. Yet even in this hell Christ is real to these little ones!
Today they will be back sore and banged up, some perhaps not able to sit down, but they will return to hear about their Jesus. We are into really deep waters working with these kids.
Yesterday a dad showed up. He sat across the street looking at the kids club and oozing arrogance. He came with his little son – the one sells to be sodomized. He boasts about how much money his little guy makes - a shotgun is way too quick for this guy! I'm still processing - can you tell?
Today Beth and Stephen leave and tomorrow the rest of us return home. There is much to do and I am not sure where to start. Newsletter needs written, FaceBook video needs to go up, Ratanak AGM this month, conference coming up in Toronto, and so much more. Please pray for guidance, efficiency and calmness as I continue to try to keep all the balls in the air.
Blessings .

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