Saturday, November 21, 2009

21 Nov. 2009

Cambodia day 1.
Had a good nights sleep - needed that. Up at 7am ad off to my first b'fast meeting. Just admin stuff. I dislike admin stuff but it really does make everything else work if it is done right.

In another hour off to see Sotheary (Ratanak Project Coordinator) just to get things set up for this coming week ans to talk over the new building. Out to the market in the afternoon to get stuff for the team and then dinner where I meet the rest of the crew that will be returning from up north.
Hope to try and post a short video - kind a test to see if i can upload from here.

... Ok so video doesnt work. may try through face book will try later - stay tuned.

Blessings all.

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  1. We're thinking of you Brian! You'd have loved Newsong Cafe this evening - it was just amazing. Over two hundred women came and the kitchen was full of men frothing milk and making lattes and jazz musician Mike Janzen was amazing. So while you are on that side of the ocean - Ratanak is being made known on this side of the ocean. It's exciting to see people get the vision and then join hands around the world to care for the vulnerable, the oppressed and the exploited. God is doing something very and everywhere! These are exciting days! Take care Brian and please give those kids some healthy hugs for us.

    Beth & Stephen