Friday, November 20, 2009

In Korea.

In Korea sitting waiting to board for Cambodia with my iPod plugged in listening to, you guest it, Paul Brandt. (Thanks Ian for getting all this loaded up for your old dad!) OK so I'm Irish - hard to admit but I am becoming addicted to this music. (Louise can attest to this.) Brian - Country!!! AHHHH.

Not a fun flight. Migraine hit before I boarded first 7 hours were agony trying not to throw up with every bump. Don't think I would but it just feels that way. When the T3s finally kicked in things got much better. When it finally passed I did not feel tired at all - rather quite invigorated. I have noticed this a few times before almost a strange sense of euphoria - your body is just so thrilled to not be in pain any more. It makes just sitting still pretty darn exciting!

Half the plane was young Canadians heading out to teach English - very interesting. I'm a bit jaded given that it is from that community that some of Canada's most notorious pedophiles come.

Flying in to Seoul I actually was recognizing bridges that had been in the background of photos i was working on in several investigations. makes me realize i should organize a tour some time of bridges and national land marks of Asia and build a catalog of photos much as i have done with light fixtures, outlets, switches and plugs for the same purpose. I think the bridge trip would be much more fun than Asian light fixtures!

Next stop the country I love!

Gotta run... I'm "Leavin!"

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