Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Joy in the darkness!

I'm tired so point form!

Don and Bridgette of NewSong did a fantastic presentation - best I have ever seen. Their love for the girls was so compelling; their devotion to Christ so determined.
Team responded wonderfully - overwhelmed.

NewSong amazing. Gathered all the girls Paul sang and had the girls in his hands. I can not possibly describe the joy of watching Paul sing for "the least of these". The girls loved it. they sang in response to him. Songs of devotion and love for their Lord. I know what some of these girls have been through - there singing was beautiful. Paul told them he would send them all CDs and they went a little nuts. Following his singing they all had their photos taken with him. The team watched thrilled.

Out to brothel district - concert in the street (That street - the street of infamy!!) for the kids while they were deloused! Crazy - wonderful. Kids danced, staff laughed and clapped, pimps gathered and watched smiling. Our friends from Bridgeworks Foundation who are on our team just gazed at the carnival of activity that was happening before them. I stood with my mouth open - as did we all. I am learning just how powerful a language music is especially sung with power and skill by a man who's heart is for the broken and the lost.

Toured new "Sanctuary" building. The Bridgeworks team were obviously thrilled by the opportunities God is giving us. We gathered in the rubble in Sanctuary room praying for blessing and asking God to move in (He so clearly has already!). Powerful and moving time for all. When finished Bridgeworks team inform me "we will wire in all the funds required for the renovations just let us know when you need them". There was unity and joy - God himself seemed to stand with us in the room - I have no words!

On to a special cafe in the city where NewSong girls are being trained to cook and serve. Due to open in Feb - they practiced on us! There were tender moments watching them carefully serving us - desperate to get it right. I wanted to huge them all. They could have served me cardboard and i would have happily eaten it. But they didn't - it was wonderful food. This was followed by the third and last mini concert of the day from Paul for the girls. Lovely end to a days training for them. Staggering how God uses Paul. The girls were radiant - A star singing for them!

Team evening debrief. Unity, joy, burdens and much prayers - a good day. Oh yes!

Blessings. B

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