Wednesday, November 25, 2009

That empty feeling!

Today we went to the Transitional Life Skills Program and once again watched as Paul delighted the girls. They were enthusiastic and insisted on an encore performance. One girl was heard to say "I could listen to this all day".
After that it really was the start of the wind up for the team. Lunch was had, last trip to the marked and pack up. They drove away at 3:30pm leaving the hotel feeling strangely empty. Paul is headed back to Canada tonight and i understand he will be doing a followup interview on the Drew Marshall Show on Saturday - I think. (Check out )

Tomorrow is my last day and I will be leaving at about 11:30pm so i have a free day. Rather than just sit around I am grabbing the opportunity to go out to the Khmer Rouge Tribunal Trial of "Duch" the commander of the infamous S-21 torture prison. I want to hear the end of the prosecutions closing arguments. I will go out with Sotheary who's Dad was sent to S-21 never to return. How strange it will be to sit with her in the same room as the man who authorised her Dads death. Sotheary is very willing to do this but please do pray for her and for her Mom who was a witness in the trial. Pain is never far from the surface here.

It will also be strange to see "Duch" a man who personally oversaw the torture killings of at least 18,000 people and who today now sits in court as a, dare I say it, Christian brother! The waters are dark and deep here.

And so this trip, where we have been so exposed to the traumas of today, will end with the traumas of years ago that still linger on and torment this society.

Remember to Pray for Cambodia.

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