Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Visit to TASK

Susan and Stewart asked us to write about a few of our thoughts as new visitors to Cambodia. We had the privilege of spending most of a day with TASK personnel, visiting a number of their projects. What an inspiring time! In the afternoon we met with Tiv Sok, Project Manager for AIDS Home Based Care Project. She invited us to join her in a home visit to a family in a very poor neighbourhood. The husband was living with HIV/AIDS. We met the family, who discussed his many health issues over the the past years. Personnel have assisted him in getting appropriate medical care as well as retrovirals and other medications. Ongoing visits are done to assess the needs they might have. We prayed together when we left. We couldn't help but ask ourselves '"Where would this family be without the involvement of TASK personnel?" - the answer was quite obvious. We were very impressed with the Khmer leadership and staff who are working in all of the projects. They are so focused, committed and caring. We enjoyed spending the day with them and it helped us get a better understanding of some of the ongoing issues that face Cambodia.
Dwight and Janet Loback

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