Sunday, March 28, 2010

Amazing Day

Thank you Team 1 for your outstanding work in extreme conditions. Team 2 has only taken over for the last day and one half and already we recognize that you performed an amazing feat. Team 1 managed to leave us with only the stairwells, two rooms, a hallway, the main foyer on the first floor and the ceilings of same spaces – cleaning, priming and two coats of the ever popular yellow. I think our team has been a well oiled machine and we have accomplished much in our time – however we have been granted cooler temperatures than what Team 1 had to endure. For that we are very thankful.

Today was an amazing day for painting: the sun was shining, there was a fresh breeze and glorious singing. Team 2 is blessed with many gifted vocalists and they used the stairwells of The Sanctuary to glorify God and all those who passed by.

As a team, I believe we are working very well together and getting to know each other more. I feel privileged to be a part of this team and the work we are doing with the Ratanak Foundation. We were able to visit one of their other projects, “Daughters of Cambodia” today. This is where girls who have been rescued from the sex trade are retrained in many trades: sewing, jewellery making, cake making and then they sell their wares in this store right across the street from the museum. We all left with some special gifts. The girls are very gracious and beautiful. God is good.

Next post there will be pictures!

Jo Ann

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