Thursday, March 18, 2010

Beautiful as Khmer Silk

Woven together as beautiful Khmer silk – so is the Christian presence here. I have such a deep appreciation for the people God has called to serve in Cambodia – both nationals and expats. I treasure them as friends, brothers and sisters and it is a privilege to be working together for the same purpose – to help bring the presence of Christ into this place of painful history and brokenness. Children and young women bound in sexual slavery is but one of the off-springs of evil. The torturous prisons and fields of slaughter are part of the national psyche and time does not heal wounds. Time, in and of itself does not heal the soul; teach forgiveness, good parenting, literacy, sound business, commerce, morality, health, honesty, hope, peace, love, wisdom. Time is not a reconciler. It is just a ticking clock.

Beth Davis Lauer

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