Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Brian's Reflections

I believe that you hear and answer prayer. I trust YOU to meet all my needs I go forward in faith
Quenching the fiery darts of fear - doubt – inadequacy and unbelief. Jesus is all I need for every situation because HE is the author and finisher of my faith. Gal 2:20 Rom 1 0:17

These words have been a comfort to me as we have ventured to an area of the world most won't be privileged to experience. Even Sunday we experienced extremes hard to fathom. Upon entering the tiny town of Svay Pak we witnessed hundreds of people streaming down the dusty dirty road to attend a church service. Not just any service! One that is taking place in the same room as some of the most horrible crimes imaginable have taken place. God works in amazing ways. Don't tell my wife but I am painting walls in the new building and singing with joy as I go!! (That's God not me) This trip is an incredible privilege. I pray that in a short time more teams will be on their way to Svay Pak to work on the expansion that will be necessary as GOD blesses these gracious people of Cambodia.


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