Monday, March 15, 2010

Day 2 (first full day)

Welcome to Cambodia. I've probably written that line at some point in every blog I've ever kept in Cambodia - it is once again strangely appropriate. The day started at 5:30 am - not a time I generally like to witness. The team was together for devotions led by Kit and then down for breakfast in the hotel. We were in the van just passed 7:30 and in Svay Pak before 8 am.

My impression was that the looks we received were not as cold as they were 22 months ago but there wasn't a lot of warmth in them. The van passed The Sanctuary and pulled up in front of Rahab's House - memories flooded back. Within seconds I was standing just inside the gate at RH looking up at the banner that the kids at Fairview had given to RH. The place looks great. The bright yellow paint has taken a beating and needs some work but so much good has happened there in the last two years it has a bright feel to it - so much different than when we arrived there the first time.

After just a few minutes of joy we headed back to The Sanctuary. There were workers everywhere. The construction was not yet complete - welcome to Cambodia. The place was filled with dust from the two men who were grinding down the rough edges of the concrete stairs. The upper floors, where we were to begin had a number of people doing everything from plastering walls to grouting the floor tiles. Painting wasn't going to happen any time soon by the look of it. We had to start looking at a plan 2. Most of the windows have steel gratings that were covered in plaster and concrete. These all had to be cleaned before they could be painted so we all went at them wire brushes and scrapers and sandpaper in hand.

Don and Bridget Brewster came by mid morning and we got to chat. During the Rahab's House trip the Brewsters were in the States so it was great finally connecting in person. Don made sure that we could get painting after lunch.

We had lunch at Rahab's House - it was WAY different than the meals we'd had in RH before. Fantastic.

After lunch we were able to get to painting. We selected three of the classrooms and went to work with the primer/sealer. It was a good day even though it started with frustration - Welcome to Cambodia.

So far we have not been able to interact much with the kids in SP. We were working up on the 4th floor much of the day and kids have not yet started coming to the Sanctuary. So we'll have to wait for tomorrow.

BTW my gmail account set up for the trip has not worked since the airport in Taipei. So sorry, if you've sent me an email I haven't seen it yet.


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