Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Echoes of Love in the Streets of Svay Pak

I do not understand Khmer and we get laughed at often by the children in our attempts to learn some of this beautiful language! But it is so wonderful when we all sing together! It doesn't matter anymore who speaks what language and how we pronounce all these strange and unfamiliar sounds. We just all sing and clap to praise the same Lord.

We opened with devotions in the Sanctuary, as we do every morning, singing songs out of our little song book that Karen did such a wonderful job putting together. Then around 8:30 Brian Harper (Ratanak Australia) and a small entourage from Australia showed up to take photos and do some filming. So we all climbed up the three sets of stairs to sing some old familiar hymns in the Sanctuary. To sing together in such a beautiful building with wonderful acoustics that echo our voices through the entire building and down the streets, is absolutely thrilling!

Finally, this afternoon, during kids clubs we sat and sang and clapped as best we could along with the children singing their little hearts out. And of course they asked us to sing back to them. So Greg, Joanne, Melanie and I sang 'Jesus Loves Me' while all the children clapped and 'Only a Boy Named David' during which they all did the actions and laughed out loud when I fell to the ground as Goliath!

I love the people of Cambodia; they are gentle and warm but so in need of love. So even if it’s just our singing that echoes through a building that was once filled with darkness…may this reach them and warm their heart’s so they wonder about the God we serve. I will sing! ...while I'm painting of course!


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