Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday night already?

Can we turn the clock back to last Monday? I'm absolutely loving my time here in Cambodia and I can see how it can get in one's blood. Although Monday was off to a slow start in the morning, I think we have made good progress this week and more importantly our team leader (Grant) seems pleased!

Our day starts early as we meet at 6:20 for a devotional time, led by Kit. Breakfast at 6:50 and in the van by 7:30 and on the road. The journey out to Svay Pak is approximately 30 minutes and there is something new to see everyday. We are now into a routine once we arrive. Drop the bags on the 2nd floor and head up to the Sanctuary to determine who is doing what job and where. Prime and paint, paint, paint till noon, a break for lunch and then continue till around 3 p.m. I have never been so dirty and sweaty in my life between the hours of 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. but I'm loving it. Before we know it, it is time to clean up and store our supplies back on the 2nd floor and head back to the hotel. How wonderful it is to come into a room with air conditioning and a shower. I feel sorry for the housekeeping staff as their white towels are no longer white when we are finished. Once we have cleaned up we meet for a debrief. We all had a good laugh today as someone asked, "Who has hit the white ceiling with yellow paint?" I think most hands in the room went up. Thank goodness, I didn't feel so bad!!!

Although we are surrounded by so much darkness in the community we are focused on our purpose and how God is changing lives in Svay Pak. From the rear of the building we look over one well known child brothel. I often find myself looking out the window and wondering what young girl will be tortured tonight and will this child ever know that she is loved and has a purpose? Right behind the building there is a huge garbage dump and by mid day the smell drifting up into the building is something else, but we keep painting and painting. Around the perimeter of the dump one sees the community laundry lines. Every morning around 9 a.m. the wash is hung out and it is plentiful. I just try to imagine hanging out clean laundry over a garbage dump. To the back of the dump one see various 'shanties' and a number of these 'shanties' have satellite dishes. The first question that comes to my mind is where did the money come from for a satellite dish? From the front of the building we overlook what are known warehouses for 'storing' young girls as they are moved in and out of Svay Pak. So yes, we are surrounded by darkness as we work but the building is full of light - and it is certainly a symbol of God's love in this community.

We went to a wonderful Italian restaurant this evening. Good food, good company and a good latte!!! The coffee at breakfast is another story and I'll leave that for another time........Mary

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