Saturday, March 27, 2010

George - Leaving Svay Pak

Well the time has come to say goodbye to Svay Pak and it has been an absolutely incredible experience. A lot of hard work, sweat and some nerve racking emotions for this very dark village where the grace of God has been working. To think that 2 yrs ago this place probably had about 20 -30 Christians and now with approx. 200 filling up Rahab's House and more standing outside, Wow! God is rapidly moving through and redeeming what is his.

It certainly was sad to leave this dusty little village, just as I began to really settle in and become accustomed to it, its time to go. I'm certainly going to miss Pastor Chant ah and and his wife Bun ta and their gracious hospitality. The church services, wow how encouraging to see so many people including the youth with great smiles on there faces, singing and praising with great enthusiasm. And of course the many people who had practised some very evil things in this village, to see them humbled before God was also so very encouraging to see. The now friendliness of the Khmer workers in the building will also be missed and I really hope that I have made some difference to there lives and Christ will be glorified.

In one our debriefs late last week, I was asked to give one word on how I would personally describe Svay Pak. I just couldn't answer, besides feeling so exhausted I couldn't find just one word to describe it, I don't think Svay Pak can be described in just one one word anyway. I would say that Svay Pak is an evil dark place but with a "Hopeful" ray of light, planted smack bang right in the middle of it, planted there by God and spreading like a wildfire. May God continue to bless SP.

Although the place has come a long way in 2yrs, there still are many problems here, human trafficking is still an issue, pimps are running there brothels for under aged girls and boys and the hostility is still a problem, so please pray for Svay Pak, for Pastor Chant ah and the work there, for Don & Bridget Brewster and there Arc ministry in helping former prostitutes, Mary Ens for The Place Of Rescue orphanage and lastly for Brian McConaghy and Ratanak.

I will certainly be leaving SV and Cambodia with some remarkable memories, there is no doubt about it.The entire experience is still surreal to me,it hasnt all sunk it yet and I think now after all the hard work with a bit of R&R i might just be able to reflect on the last 2 weeks and make sence of it all.

Serving God right in the middle of cutting edge events has been an incredible experience and I want to say to those out there, family, friends and church members who read this Blog and others, that reading and hearing about the wonderful things God is doing around the world is one thing but to actually be there right amongst is completely different.

Its a 'Life Changing' experience.

For His Glory

George Aristodimou

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