Thursday, March 18, 2010

Grant - Day 4

So I was sitting right beside Kit and she said, "Grant would you please pass me the toilet paper."

Today was another good day. We accomplished more than I thought we would. The 5th floor is just about all primed waiting for the final coats of paint. The 4th floor is almost done except for the final coat of paint. We have returned to the 3rd floor to work on the rooms in behind the sanctuary room. Have you ever tried painting white primer over white plaster? And then have you ever tried painting white ceiling paint over white primer? At least the walls are yellow and we can be sure of where we've painted.

This was our third day on the site of the Sanctuary and we have found that the construction workers who still share the building with us are warming up to us. The first day there was a particular coolness to our presence. On day two they did a lot of staring at us - that doesn't seem to be rude in Cambodia - and laughing at us. I don't think they can grasp why any Westerner would come to Svay Pak to paint a building in their community. We hope that one day they will understand. Well today there were a lot more smiles and one of the moms who works on the site brought her two children over for the women to meet. They are impressed when we try to use our limited Khmer and I think they understand that we are there to help and not hurt.

We are all staying pretty healthy with the odd blip here and there. And we are coping with the realities of Svay Pak fairly well. I had a good chat with Don Brewster today. We talked about the terrible brothel out back of The Sanctuary where young girls are still available for sale (and rent) and we talked about the warehouse across the street from The Sanctuary where girls trafficked from Vietnam are "processed" to either stay in SP or to be trafficked to other parts of the world.

There is very little moderation in SP - it is either terrible or joyful - there is little just in between. As I ran my hand over the walls of Rahab's House where we have lunch each day - a fantastic home cooked Khmer meal (that's for the field team of 08) - I am reminded of that work and the great ministry that has happened in Rahab's House since. I think about how when the ministry of RH moves up the road, Rahab's House will become home of a child "night care" program. They will be caring for the children of 16 prostitutes during the night so that the children won't be trafficked or abused. There is such good happening in the midst of such evil.

Please pray, not only for us, but for the children of this village and those girls who are waiting in that warehouse to be trafficked. Please pray for rescue and help and joy for them.

So I was sitting right beside Kit and she said, "Grant would you please pass me the toilet paper." It is true - we say side by side for lunch in Rahab's House and the toilet paper was our napkins.


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  1. I so glad that you clarified that first statement.
    Keep up the great work - we are all praying for you