Thursday, March 18, 2010

Grant - Day 5

We're getting pretty good at this stuff.

5:30 am wakeup followed by devotions and breakfast and out to Svay Pak for 8:00. We are getting much more organized and having to return to our locked room less frequently. We were working on floors 3, 4 and 5 today and things are looking very good. We've come along much better than it looked like on Monday.

Pablo and I spend pretty much all of the morning rolling ceilings - my neck and shoulders were done by lunch time. I'm marking each door with masking tape to indicate what has been done just to keep track of the many rooms.

We met up with a couple of our little friends from the Rahab's House trip. It was great seeing them again but we were reminded not to turn our backs on them.

We discovered today that no one told the construction crew that we were coming this week - that might account for the cool reception we received. We have found that over the days they have warmed up a lot. Apparently all the staring was because they see us working really hard but we are always (mostly) smiling and laughing. They asked Pastor Chanta how we could be working so hard and smiling all the time. He told them it was because we know Jesus. Who would have thought that being happy while working would have such an impact.

We went over to the Kid's Club again this afternoon and a number of the girls from NewSong were there. I continue to be speechless in the face of their courage and grace and compassion.

That's about it for today. It was a good day with lots accomplished.


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