Monday, March 22, 2010

Grant - Day 9

Today was a fairly uneventful day but it was a very busy day. We blitzed floors 4 & 5 to try and get them completed - we were mostly successful. The fifth floor is done except for the balconies and the roof deck. The fourth floor will take about another 45 minutes to complete. Then we begin work on the second floor. This is where it gets a little more uncomfortable. The Sanctuary is the biggest building in Svay Pak - you probably know that. What it means is that the top three floors are above the surrounding buildings providing four sided ventilation. The first and second floors are tucked up beside the adjacent buildings - no ventilation from the sides. The building is pretty long meaning that the ventilation from the front and back is not great. It is also rather dark given there is no electricity in the building yet so there are no lights.

We press on. Thanks so much for you prayers and support. Thanks also for all of you who have sent emails to me and the team; it means a lot.

Peace in Christ,


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