Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Grant's blog - Day 3

It was a day of heros.

I figure that Svay Pak probably has more villains per captia than just about anywhere. I figure it also has more heroes per capita than anywhere.

We were able to paint for the whole day today and we got a lot more done than on Monday. We are starting to find our groove and we are starting to increase our skill level. There wasn't as much going up and down the stairs today because we were better organized and more localized in our work. This building is HUGE. It is five floors and at least twice the width of Rahab's Hosue. We have a locked room on the second floor in which we keep our bags and paint and such. This is a real necessity given that we've already had theft problems. Today we primed the Sanctuary room and much of the fifth floor and we started putting the yellow on two of the class rooms we primed yesterday. It was a good day - hot - but good.

Back to villans and heros. We know there are a lot of villains in Svay Pak; a village with child prostitution as its main industry is full of villains - and victims. But there are also heros. Don and Bridget Brewster gave up a comfortable life in California to move to Cambodia to fight the child sex-trade. They will be moving into the fifth floor apartment in The Sanctuary when it is complete. Don said something about needing to be edgier in their ministry - you just don't get edgier than living in Svay Pak and ministering to these people.

We had the privilege of attending part of the Kids' Club today. This is one of the Ministries of NewSong at Rahab's House. Many of the children in Svay Pak gather at Rahab's House to sing and do crafts and hear about how much God loves them. We were introduced to the kids and they sang for us. We sang for them too. There was lots of clapping and laughter and joy.

Back to the heroes. At the back of the room there stood four girls ages about 13 to 15. These girls were from NewSong come to work with the kids and minister to them. They stood at the back and sang with the kids - one of them sang Jesus Loves Me along with us. These girls are amazing heros. To have been trapped in the child sex-trade, to have been rescued and to experiencing healing at NewSong these girls come to Rahab's House to give of themself to kids who are at least at risk of being trafficked.

Another hero. We met a young woman who works for NewSong. She is a great blessing to the girls there. She is also a blessing to many others. Don told us that they'd become aware that a lot of kids were being held as slaves in a factory in Cambodia. The authorities couldn't get enough evidence for a raid. This young woman went undercover in the factory to get the evidence they needed to resuce the kids.

Praise God for heroes.


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