Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hard Work and Happy Moments

Today, a few of us began drawing out the murals in Rahab's house. Thankfully, Sean, our team leader and gifted illustrator saved the day. He drew a wonderful depiction of Jesus as the good shepherd while the rest of us diddled around trying to contribute. He encouraged us on, graciously repairing our blunders only when we asked him to. As we worked, little children came into the Rahab's house to see what we were doing. They played hand clapping games with us and stayed nearby looking on. They also took their own shot at drawing on the wall or colouring something in.

The rest of the team worked scraping, sweeping and mopping the floors at the Sanctuary. It was tedious work as each fleck of paint and grout was slowly scratched from the ceramic tiles.

In the afternoon, we spent some time at the kids club which actually runs 5 days a week from 2-4pm at Rahab's. The children of Svay Pak come in and sing songs about Jesus. They also run a free clinic for the people of Svay Pak. Women come with their children and sit to wait for treatment and medication for themselves or their kids. While they are there, their kids can participate and they themselves hear all the songs and see their children having fun. It is a wonderful way to minister to the people. Intended for the people in Svay Pak, apparently people come for miles around, even paying a taxi fee, because of this free clinic.

Some of the girls from Newsong visited kids club too. One of the girls bought two loaves of bread from a moto-vender who stopped outside in the street. She offered one to me then shared the other with her friends from Newsong. That was beautiful. I, in turn, offered it to our team as they trickled out of the Sanctuary to join us, but some are experiencing tummy troubles and so declined. But the fact that she shared in this way was truly a gift. They were asked to sing to the children after we had and I marveled to see them singing songs of Jesus' love.

The people seemed to be a little warmer toward us today. I imagine it must be difficult for them in a way, to watch us arrive in their neighbourhood in our air-conditioned van, and be in their community for a couple of weeks only to turn around and go home. We don't have to live what they live everyday. Not so for Pastor Don Brewster and his wife, Bridget, who will move into The Sanctuary when it is completed. They will be living right in the midst of the people of Svay Pak, just as Pastor Chantha does. How amazing!

I have to add this bit on the end...on Sunday when we attended church at Rahab's, I asked to hold a lady's little baby. She took off his little briefs/shorts (many of the babies do not wear diapers), wiped his bottom with them, then handed him to me! Too funny.


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