Monday, March 22, 2010

Jan Day 8

Sunday March 21st

My birthday today....and what a marvelous gift to attend church at Rahab's House in Svay Pak and then spend the afternoon with Marie Enns giving us a guided tour of Place of Rescue, not to mention an iced Starbucks coffee at lunch (the first 'real' coffee since we arrived)!
It was absolutely wonderful to see Rahab's House 'packed out' with at least 150 people worshipping together this morning. The service was lively and good...much of it led by quite a large, lovely group of Svay Pak teens who Pastor Chanta is discipling. Remembering what the building once was used for and seeing it used to bless that community so hugely just two short years later was a real joy to witness! Undoubtedly the only time though that I'll be privileged to partake in Communion using 'goldfish crackers' in place of bread!
The Place of Rescue, established only in the last eight years or so and which is now almost a small village of it's own, was utterly amazing to see. Well over 300 orphans, famliless aging women and AIDS patients call it home and are deeply loved there. It was such a privilege to be allowed to visit there.
Today was a beautiful picture of how the Lord is redeeming the horrors that the Cambodian people have suffered.


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