Thursday, March 25, 2010

Karol Boschung - March 25th

Karol Boschung - March 25

Today was our last day in Svay Pak, and somehow I was sad to leave that strange little place, chock full of real, deep evil and brimming with potential. We worked hard today, finishing off Chanta's kitchen and suite, and doing innumerable touchups. At the end, we cleaned - brushes, rollers, and floors for probably 1.5 hours. Team 2 joined us for lunch, looking remarkably well for just having endured a 20+ hour journey. Lunch was fantastic, as usual (I will really miss Buntan's lunches, and envy Team 2 their upcoming 2 weeks of culinary bliss!), and it was good to meet and greet Team 2, who will likely be completing the Sanctuary and painting some murals in various locations. There was a sense of passing the torch, and we wish them the best and that God bless them abundantly as he's blessed us. We left 1 hour later than usual, and walked out of the village to say farewell. It was a strange farewell to a strange place, with some people smiling back at us, and some remaining stonefaced. However, I was happy to see that the number of smiles was not insignificant. Please continue to pray for Svay Pak, Rahab's House, and Chanta and co, as well as Team 2 as they start getting into the rhythm of working for the Lord in Cambodia.

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