Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mary - Day 11- Rescued by Duct Tape

Today was another busy day with more paint. A little white and yes, some more yellow! Graham and myself were working in one of the back classrooms early this morning and we had shut the door to keep the red dust out from the grinding that was taking place on the stairwell. When Graham decided he needed to go out for a few moments, we found the door stuck. We tried for a few minutes to get out but to no avail. Given the inside door was covered in plastic and there was only a tiny window, I started yelling "HELP, HELP" and I began banging on the door over the noise of the grinder. I finally got Grant's attention who came to our aid. Before long, a variety of tools were being slipped under the door so we could pry open the door jam.....but to no avail. The head contractor came along and he didn't have any success either. Using a sharp blade that was passed under the door to us, to try to pry open the door jam, I hear Graham say, "Mary your dripping." And it wasn't sweat. It was blood. Yes, after warnings from the guys outside to "be careful", I cut myself and I was being careful!! After about 25 minutes, Grant and Karol came up with a brilliant idea to lower a screwdriver from the 3rd floor window to use as the next tool. They lowered the screwdiver with duct tape. Brilliant!!! When Karol was shouting and pointing to the window, I thought to myself they are going to now take a run for the door.......move way back! I turned around towards the window and there is a screwdiver swinging back and forth in the gentle breeze attached to duct tape. These guys were amazing. Yes, the screwdiver did work and after 30 minutes of down time and a good crowd of onlookers outside the door we were free! We all had a good laugh and we likely provided some entertainment for our Cambodian co-workers.

Tomorrow is our last day working in Svay Pak and I can feel a heavy heart already but more about that later....... Blessings and love to you all in Vancouver. Mary


  1. I cannot wait to hear all about your time there Mary...very nice to read your experiences on here. Jessica saw the pictures of the homes there and she asked if you were fixing them because they looked wrecked. I explained to her that this is not part of the mission for Ms.Munro. I hope you are able to share at a chapel some pictures. it is very powerful. The children are so beautiful and I am very touched by this mission.


  2. Thanks again Sarah. It has been one of the most rewarding and enriching experiences of my life. Yes, I will be sharing in chapel but will likely need a bit of time to readjust to a 1st world country. Thanks for following and love to you both. PS.....the money raised was presented to Don Brewster today. Between the school and some other donations that came in from Fairview we handed over $2302 US - we were presented with several needs for the school and decided on what would be the equivalent of a school bus for us......a top of the line tuk tuk with a scooter. This will be a mode of transport for the children around the village. So excited!!!!