Monday, March 22, 2010

Mary - Day 8 - So Cool

'So cool' and I don't mean the temperature in Svay Pak this morning. 'So cool' took on a far different meaning in the context of worshipping in Rahab's House - standing room only and the front foyer jammed packed with mothers and their babies and toddlers.
'So Cool' to share communion with our brothers and sisters in Christ, led by Pastor Chantah. 'So cool' to hear the children sing Peace Like a River in English with actions included and the youth sing and dance under the leadership of Ratanak and 'So cool' to see those 17 steps that Martin, less than 2 years ago, lovingly scraped and varnished so that they would be transformed into something good. Can I say 'So cool' one more time? 'So cool' to sit in a service from 7:30 a.m. until 9:45 a.m. and not understand any of the Khmer language but certainly understand that God has taken up residence in Rahab's House.

What a morning filled with absolute joy!

After our time in Svay Pak, we took a tuk tuk back to the market area and had a great lunch. After lunch our three tuk tuks then took us out to a 'Place of Rescue Aids Centre and Orphanage' run by Marie Ens. This centre serves families living with AIDS, orphan children, orphan grannies and abandoned women. It is an amazing place and everyone is well loved and looked after. We met one little girl today and her reality is as follows: Only 1 month ago her father murdered her mother in front of her and her 4 siblings. He made the children clean up the aftermath and then gather all of their belongings. He then burnt everything including the body of the mother. The 5 children were witness to this tragedy. The father is now in jail and all the children are living at Marie's. Please pray for these 5 children - that they will feel loved and get to know their 'Heavenly Father' who will never leave them. Please also pray for Marie Ens and the wonderful work that she has committed her life to.

Well, we have another work day ahead of us and guess what we will be doing? Yes, more painting - and that too is 'SO COOL' Blessings. Mary

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