Monday, March 22, 2010

Mary & Jan - Day 9 - So What's Your Fancy?

Today we spent our time painting the many classrooms on the 4th floor. As we moved from one classroom to another our conversation went something like this, "So what's your fancy?" "Well I think I'll roll another wall and perhaps I will go from right to left this time instead of left to right." "What colour would you like?" "I think I prefer yellow." Yes, we do have lots of laughs while we are working and it really doesn't seem like work. To be here is a gift and a pleasure. It was another hot, hot day and I think we had more red dust on us than the previous week as the contractors were busy working in the stairwell. We are making progress and should have all the classrooms finished early tomorrow. Then we will be moving down to the 2nd floor where there is very little light or ventilation. We press on and continue to think of the children who will be educated in the 'yellow' classrooms and the bright future that is in store for them.

We are so thankful for everyone who is praying for us. It is so meaningful when we are far away from home. We really do feel uplifted and strong every single day. We are all well, although we tend to fall into bed by 8:30 or 9:00 p.m. each night.

I (Mary) have a prayer request from Pastor Chantah. As we were packing up this afternoon, I quickly made my way down to see the children at Rahab's House. As I arrived, Pastor Chantah said, "Meet my new daughter." This afternoon while we were working a grandmother brought her 5 yr old grandaughter to Rahab's House asking Pastor Chantah and his wife to take her in. She can no longer take care of the child and this child has no parents. Little 'Serena' (English name I have used) will be sharing the same bed with their 1 yr old son, David. As Pastor Chantah was speaking to me his smile never left his face. He and his wife are so full of joy. His only request was, "Can you please ask your friends and family in Canada to pray for us and our new daughter." So please pray for this new adjustment in their life and for little 'Serena' as she will no longer be living with her grandmother.

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