Wednesday, March 24, 2010

More yellow, still mellow

Now paint is the substance of what I hoped for and the evidence of what I did not see. No electricity. The only stream of light I did have in the room was so bright that it made everything else very dark. I was sweltering. I could not see what I was doing. It was, I suppose hilarious, but I kept at it. I was cutting, cutting, cutting,corners and baseboards, and weird little areas a roller could not manage, but it was all on faith - could not see a thing....I will have to check again tomorrow. I won't be able to see then either...

We're getting good at this. Aside from painting in the dark, locking ourselves in the rooms, getting yellow on our nice white ceilings, getting thouroughly filthy and dripping with sweat, we are having a ball. Most of us anyway. To borrow a well known tag line, 'I'm lovin' it'.

We discovered tonight that tomorrow is our last day in Svay Pak. This is unsettling for a number of us, myself included. Suddenly the hours are racing by. We have more painting plans for Friday morning elsewhere, and suddenly the work is over. We have plans for Friday afternoon, and a celebratory dinner with Ratanak people Friday evening...and...Saturday, race around, pack, etc. and Sunday... home. It will be so great to see you all, but how in the world has the time here gone by so quickly?

But for now... sleep.

Love to you all

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