Monday, March 22, 2010

Pablo - Day 8

Sunday: A young man named Ratanak
Do you remember your Youth years at church? Wasn't it exiting? Mainly if you had great peers to be around with and a devouted, fully committed youth leader.
Perhaps you were a youth leader yourself, and maybe you later became a youth pastor and, after ordainment you became a church pastor. What a wonderful way to follow God's calling and what a blessing must have been for your community. Well, Svay Pak is one of such communities blessed with a vibrant, energetic, committed and faithful young man serving as a youth leader.
24 years old Ratanak (yes, his name is exactly like the foundation) responded a calling to serve at Svay Pak soon after Rahab's House opened in 2008. Since then, his has taken responsibility over Kid's Club, Youth and an extremely charming and highly contagious choir made of approximately 25 teenager boys and girls. With the choir, and he himself as one of the leading voices, he leads the congregation in singing and... wow! they really do sing. There is no doubt that, with God's direction, under his ministry quite a few things have flourished at Rahab's.

I do not know what are God's plans for him in the future. I do not know what are his own plans, but I know God is working through him right now. You only have to see and hear the children at Kid's Club singing to the top of their lungs and dancing and clapping with so much enthusiasm, energy and joy to recognize God's presence with them.

The work of a youth leader is not easy, though. It requires commitment, patience, faith and love. It also requires prayers, lots of them actually.

Would you be willing to include in your prayers the youth leader of Rahab's House? would you pray for 24 years old young man Ratanak and the youth choir he leads? I am sure that he will certainly appreciate it.

Pablo Angulo
Phom Pehn, Cambodia
March 21, 2010

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