Friday, March 26, 2010

Pablo Friday: A Future

"A future" is a sentence that comes to mind after visiting NewSong where 57 girls rescued from the sex traffic live, learn and grow in the company of their peers. Just with a simple glance you can see them and hear them clear and loud healthy and joyous. One can only think that having been sold or stolen into the sex traffic was the worst that could ever happen to them, and it might just be. But, fortunately, under God's direction, NewSong has changed their lives into the positive territory. They now have a future, and a bright one.
In addition to school, they also get English, arts, crafts, sports and entertainment. It's a brand new quality life full of opportunities where education and family are key factors in their development. I can easily say that it was indeed an amazing experience to see what God is doing at NewSong and I am blessed to have witnessed how their work epitomizes the power of your prayers and the power of your dollar donations.
There is a lot of work ahead for them but with God's direction there is also a lot of successes to conquer. Yes, indeed, the girls at NewSong do have a future. Your continual prayers for them are appreciated. Keep them coming.

Pablo Angulo
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
March 26, 2010

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