Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Pablo's Tuesday: The Son of a Pastor

Tuesday: Son of a Pastor
Growing up, I was best friends with the son of our pastor. He was a really bright guy but, at our young age, I couldn't help but notice that he was held to different standards just because he was the pastor's son.
It is not easy to be a pastor child, or a missionary child for that matter. They have a bit of a tough job just because people have expectations based on their parents job. It does sound unfair but it happens. And even though many times they do grow to become strong Christians active members of their own churches (I do know quite a few who do), sometimes those expectations work for the worst turning them into the opposite of the expected outcome.
Today is little David birthday number 1. He is the son of pastor Chantah and wife Buntaan, an extremely charming little boy very much accustomed to seeing lots of people around Rahab's House at all times. With God's guidance, there will certainly be many birthdays in the future and many people around to celebrate with him. What a blessing, and what a blessing growing up in a Christian family like his in spite of the expectations he will have as the pastor's son.
In today's prayer, let's remember little David and be thankful for his 1st birthday; let's pray for his future as he grows up as the pastor's child; let's pray for his education, both Christian and academic; let's pray for abundant blessings for the whole family as they face the not-easy-at-all job of leading the congregation at Svay Pak.

Pablo Angulo
Phom Penh, Cambodia
March 23, 2010

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