Friday, March 26, 2010

Team 1 - THANKS!

I have been leaving the blog to the painting team but at this stage I wanted to interject one short message. On behalf of Ratanak I just want to offer my heartfelt thanks for all the hard work of the team. This has neither been easy or fun work yet, as we had prayed, they were keenly aware of the deeper issues they were addressing. For this was NOT about paint! This was about striving to be the hands and feet of Christ in a community that knows nothing of compassion. For those of you at home… know that the implications of such a witness will run far and deep into the future. The team expended themselves, they sweated more than they knew was possible, the work represented discomfort from the ‘get go’. As they prepare to return to their home communities I would encourage you to welcome them back with enthusiasm and open arms. They have represented you well and have served their Lord admirably. It may take a little time for them to process and express all they have experienced (although the blog has served to jump start that process already) so I encourage you all to be patient and good listeners as they process.
Remember to continue to pray for them as some of them head back to work shortly after returning home. To the families… please pamper them when they get home – they richly deserve it. And to the team… Thanks and more thanks. But really my thanks are irrelevant. You, I firmly believe, have brought a smile to your Lords face, as you have toiled for little ones for whom he has died – there can be no greater reward!
Now, the torch is being passed to Team 2 – continue to pray for them as they carry on where Team 1 left off.
Blessings. Brian.

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