Sunday, March 28, 2010

Time for movin' on...

What a great day after days and days of such hard work(those days were great too, but different kind of great). Today we started out clean and spiffy as we did every morning, but in fact we stayed clean all day- we are transitioning into grownups again, trying to remember that we cannot wipe our greasy hands on our pant legs or wipe off our sweaty faces with the fronts of our t-shirts any more. Back to civilization. Lying in red dust on the floor of the Sanctuary to paint those tough little corners was one we have to start behaving again.

A really lovely day which the others have already talked about, and you perhaps do not want to read about multiple times. Suffice it to say Mary and I had a ball in the market, laughing hysterically at our own antics. A forgettable but fun lunch in a McDonalds wannabe (good fries though - all ten of them) and a great tuk tuk drive back to the hotel, driving down a weird, bumpy sideroad to give us another taste of this complex city...and lots of 'lasts' - our last dinner together, our last trudge up the hotel stairs, our last debrief....

Sunday we will rise and meet at 0730 for our last devotional time for this team and this trip, then our last Golden Gate breakfast, and we meet in the lobby at 0900. Off to the airport shortly after that. Hang around for a while in the Phnom Penh airport, then fly to Taipei and try to amuse oruselves for seven long hours. And only then the long trip home. Mary and I went to an 'international book store' today in search of some light reading for the trip. Hundreds of books on teaching and learning English, a textbook of Dental Implant Surgery and a number of weird outliers such as 'healing yourself with gemstones', 'birds of Thailand' and 'how to drain ditches'...We came back emptyhanded. I may be tearing my hair out by the time I get off the plane. I can only read the duty free catalogue so many times. However I am the proud owner of a new LARGE PRINT (how the mighty have fallen) Bible Dal gave me before I left so maybe Habakkuk and I will get reacquainted...

Okay, the other gals are sound asleep and I have to wind things down. My deepest apologies for not writing to you every day. Fatigue, a ferociously slow computer, a military schedule and a dozen other factors kept me from the computer and just meant we could not all post every day. But do know you were in my thoughts and prayers. Your loving messages meant so much to me. You have no idea how very great our gratitude to you is - for your emails, your encouragement, your support.

Now home we celebrate Easter with you, It has been a privilege to be here - a very deep honour and wonderful opportunity. I trust we brought honour to God's name, and I hope we made you kinda proud too.

Soli Deo gloria.



  1. I've been rambling 'round

    For such a long, long time

    Somewhere in between

    I kinda lost my mind
    Now I'm movin' on
    I'm going, going gone
    [D] [A]
    Movin' on like the man said in the song
    [E] [A]
    I'm a rolling stone... I'm movin' on

    Rankin Family song

  2. Sorry to have added the guitar tabs, maybe someone there plays. (g) Remember the last verse is
    Don't look over your shoulder

    The sun sets at your back

    By this time tomorrow

    We'll be smokin' on down the track

    Have a safe journey home! (Gawd, is that spelled right?) Take care!! S and everyone here. (in the midst of Passover!)