Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tuesday: Chill pal!

Traffic regulations here are a bit of a negotiation, unspoken negotiation, that is. But for someone like me accustomed to having plan A, and plan B as a back up, and some times even plan C (many, actually) with a specific order in a list and with a schedule, this could be perceived as chaos. Well...it is not, at least not here.

People go on their own direction, like everywhere else, and everyone seems to have an innate guaranteed right of way with their motos intermingling with each other in such a way that even though they go in different directions traffic actually flows and it flows fast. It does really happen.
They actually make it happen. In the few days we have here we have not seen any accidents at all. It's not that we want to see one and hopefully we will not see any accidents at all. But, you will expect that it's only natural to have many accidents without strong traffic regulations... and you will be wrong.

Perhaps, we just have to give people a little credit sometimes. Perhaps, under certain circumstances, we might be better off if we (I) relax a bit. Perhaps, it might be better to focus in on what is really important and let go of what is not.

And my lesson learned today: chill pal! we are all human beings.
Pablo Angulo

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