Thursday, March 4, 2010

Update on "L"

Re up date on "L".
"L" is one of the original child victims of a Canadian pedophile for which many of you have prayed for years. She has developed into a wonderful and charming young woman of faith. She is on the leadership committee chosen by the girls in the rehabilitation / foster care program. She has come so far. Our intention was to have the film crew accompany her up the Siem Reap where she and the other girls are going to do a community development project on Saturday. I am just amazed by these kids!

Anyway, "L" regained consciousness in hospital last night and one of the first things out of her mouth was " I'm still going to Siem Reap". These kids are my heros! I still don't have info on her diagnosis or if she will in fact head north on Saturday. But things sound a bit less worrying - at least she is responsive. So please continue to pray for her. It seems like there are problems at every turn right now . Pray for safety and protection for all of us.

More later
Thanks. Brian.

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