Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Urgent prayer request.

Ok so the video is not up loading - not that I am shocked.
Meetings today planning the filming of the documentary. All went well. We are working to tell the story of what is happening here while still protecting the identity of the smaller kids the dignity of the older ones who wish to participate. Its s a careful and delicate balance.

Prayer requests.
URGENT – Pray for “L”. Wonderful Christian girl . Likely to be one of the key girls in the documentary. After our morning where we discussed her she, this evening, has suddenly fallen seriously ill. Got a call about 20 min ago indicating she is in hospital unconscious- staff are very concerned.

Also Don the director of NewSong is incapacitated with back pain. He is really struggling and has not slept for days.
We are feeling very attacked!
Please pray for us.

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  1. Please be assured of serious prayer coverage as you do God's business in bringing justice and support to the most vulnerable in Cambodia.

    We are on our knees for the girl,for Don and the team there.