Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wednesday: A Powerful Duo

Pastor Chantah and wife Bun Taan have been working at Rahab's house for just over a year. They are a wonderful couple fully dedicated to God's work in Svey Pak. As complete strangers after arrival, they have built quite a reputation in the community in desperate need of role models. With God's direction and their hard work we can easily say that Rahab's is becoming the place to be in the community with Kid's Club, the Clinic, night school for adults, movies night, day care and so fore. I believe that not only people need to go there but they also want to be there.

Their work is indeed heavy, it certainly does not come easy, requires God's direction, time, a lot of work, resources and more importantly prayer, lots of prayer, abundant prayer, effective prayer, powerful prayer. Do you think you can dedicate a few minutes of your day to pray for Pastor Chantah and wife Bun Taan? God's work in Svey Pak will benefit abundantly if you do so.

P.S. Bun Taan is cooking delicious lunch for us every day, so the team will also benefit if you pray for her a little bit more!

Pablo Angulo

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