Monday, March 22, 2010

yellow, yellow and yellow

Monday night, about 9:45 pm

My two roommates are already asleep. While Mary used the computer I dozed off. The fatigue is something else. On the way home from Svay Pak we were completely silent, everyone too pooped to speak. And we still had to get home, get cleaned up, get to the debrief on time and then face dinner. Ah, fried rice again... this evening I asked the waitress if she would put some cashews in the rice too. It came and I poured the little dish of spicy sauce and hot peppers over the whole thing. Then I reached over and took Grant's little dish of the same ( he certainly was not using it) and poured it over my rice as well. It was good, but none of us at our end of the table actually finished our dinner. We are just too tired.

Today the painting was yellow, with shades of yellow, contrast of yellow, trim of yellow, and more yellow for interest. I spent most of my time on the floor , sitting in the red dust that is Cambodia, trying to 'cut' the yellow where the roller didn't reach. Then up to do the corners, the odd spaces, down again, up again, down again.... my knees complained, but have no sympathy : Mary and Jan are the heroines of the female contingent as they rolled and rolled and rolled. They are hard workers!

You have read other Yellow Reports so I will not belabour the painting thing. Just know that for a little while after we get home we will not be choosing anything yellow except good local butter and we (at least I) will not be ordering rice in the immediate future.

We are having a few stresses - isn't this to be expected? - but everyone remains healthy. Still, we rely on your prayers for our safety and health - physical, emotional and spiritual....

So many of you have been SO faithful with messages of support and love - and you receive silence in return. Please know how grateful I am, and how I would LOVE to have time and energy to reply individually. In fact I would do that this minute except I falling.....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


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  1. Does this mean you won't wear anything yellow? (g) I love rice so cannot imagine no rice but I suppose after enough of it, one would want taters and pasta and other carbs. I can send you some bananas from a kibbutz. (I have to admit Zippy and I spent so much time picking that fruit that as much as I love the flavour - a la B Popsicles, lol - it took a very long time before either one of ate them again. So I understand.)

    I am turning this over to my aunt and your twin:

    Hey there Kit, how ARE you? You sound like you are thriving with not too many medical er's yet. I hope you have none? How is the debriefing progressing? I can imagine the visit referred to the other day - the clothing et al. Ursa and I went there once on the way to Oz. We were quiet and tearful for days after. It does give one the impression of Arendt's "banality of evil" in the midst of beauty. At least the concentration camps in Poland usually look dismal. This is in the middle of a beautiful country! I think and pray about those poor souls. (Though I am assured they are in a better place but surely the children at least might have enjoyed some life on earth a bit longer!)

    Please know you are in our thoughts and prayers daily - all of you! Abi and Zippy (what will I do with those 2!) neglected to tell you we have left many messages at the Wall if you know what I mean, for ALL of you! It is very hot and lovely here - in terms of the weather. Hot in terms of politics as well but that is another issue I do not care to get into and you do not need to think about just now. There was a typhoon in Queensland (!!!) but did not hit our fair city too badly so no harm. (Barash Hashem!)

    God bless all of you and please take care of yourselves!

    JG, Abi, Zippy, The Ref, SNS, Ref's mom, Angel and the CKL Club.