Friday, April 2, 2010

Greg's Retrospective

Wednesday, March 31, 2010-03-31

This morning didn’t start off too well for many of the Team, including me. With an upset stomach I chose to have just toast for breakfast and a bit of rice for lunch. Despite feeling a little off, today ended up being my best in Cambodia so far.

We spent the entire day at Rahab’s House painting a mural which had been sketched out the day before. As we painted children from all over Svay Pak came by to see what we were doing. Before too long we had 15 or 20 kids along side of us sharing in the work. I think everyone on the Team loved every minute of the time.

I would love to bring three or four of them home with us. I find it impossible not to love these children; the smiles on their faces just melt my heart. But my heart also aches for them too. I found myself wondering if any of the girls working alongside of me would be sold for sex tonight. As charming and adorable as many of the people in Sway Pak are, there exists not only in the shadow of the night, a hideous evil.

But my heart is encouraged because of the wonderful things God is doing! Jesus gave this wonderful promise in Matthew’s gospel, chapter 16, and verse 18: “...I will build my Church and the gates of Hades (Hell itself) will not overcome it.” As hard as Satan and the forces of evil and hell itself try, they will not be able to stop the light from shining in Svay Pak.

I am so honoured and privileged to be here in Cambodia right now at this point in history to witness first hand what God is miraculously doing through the efforts of the Ratanak Foundation.

P.S. To top off just a heart-warming day, the Team went out for dinner to a Khmer restaurant. (Thankfully most of us were feeling better by supper time.) We enjoyed a wonderful meal which was followed by traditional Cambodian dancers.


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