Friday, April 2, 2010

Karen and Lorey's Blog:

Today was another amazing day in Cambodia. We were excited to spend a second day at Hagar, painting an outside wall, and a community room in the school. The children enjoyed helping us to paint bugs, fish and birds on the wall. Each child in the school also got to press a painted hand on the wall. The wall looks so colourful and cheerful now. One of our favourite things today was singing with the children. They have such a joyful spirit, and such a sense of humour. They seem to always be ready for fun, a game or a song. We enjoyed singing many children's songs with actions, and all laughed a ton. It was hard for many of us to say good bye to the children, knowing that they did not have parents to care for them, and that they have suffered so much trauma. However, we are so thankful for Hagar and other Ratanak ministries that care for these children and show them that they are special and loved by Jesus. The children glowed as they sang, "Jesus Loves Me," and several times asked team members to pray with them. This is amazing knowing what they have gone through. Thank God for all of you that support Ratanak and the amazing mission that they have here in Cambodia. Thank God for your support of our team as we give our best for the children here in Cambodia, all in Jesus' name.

It really touched us today to interact with the children at Hagar. We don't speak the same language, but they were so eager to communicate with smiles, pointing, gestures, and hand games. This is probably our first Good Friday that we have spent singing Christmas carols. The children loved the Christmas songs, and requested that we sing them. Many of the children were older teens, but they still had a youthful enthusiasm for singing young children's songs, and playing primary games. They loved interacting with all the team members, and soaked up the attention and affection. We have achieved our painting goals now, and are taking a day of rest tomorrow to head to the beach. It will be an overnight trip. At Hagar, taking pictures was prohibited, so we have no pictures to keep, but their smiles are engraved in our memories and hearts.

Karen and Lorey's Thought for the Day:

Remember to hold your children, and emotionally connect with them each day. And look around you and be aware that there are many children that could use your attention and affection. With just one positive word, touch or smile, you could make a difference in their lives.

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