Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Painting - Praying - Praising - Processing

We are now finished the physical work that we came to Cambodia to do - all the painting is done, and then some. Today we painted the main room of Rahab's house (thanks to Lorey, right up to the rafters), as well as the Pastor's current apartment on the second floor.

Now the spiritual work will continue in our prayers and from those who have partnered with us on this journey.

It has been a blessing to be here and work with the Ratanak Foundation and its many partners here in Phnom Penh and Svay Pak. We have had a unique experience in that we have been able to see the many facets of life and ministry here in Cambodia - the children on the streets with older men; the children on the streets with no one who seems to care about them; a nine year old child who was raped and left to her own devices; the care of the groups here to help rescue these children; the safe place girls have to rehabilitate; and then the places provided for them to start a career (whether it be in a retail outlet, sewing, making jewelry or baking cakes and treats fit for the King.) It is truly awesome to see how God is working here in Cambodia - His light will shine through in the generations to come and one day Cambodia will again be a beautiful place filled with hope and grace.

The children have been a blessing to all of us. To me they are the true heroes. They have endured much in their young lives, but continue to show friendship to us. It is difficult to say good bye, they have far too many good byes. If it was legal to bring them home, many of us would have expanded families when we return to Canada.

We know it will be difficult to share all we have experienced in Cambodia as much of what we have seen cannot be expressed in words, it has to be experienced. We look forward to answering your questions and helping you get a sense of the social injustice here in Cambodia. Together we can make a difference.

See you soon,
Jo Ann

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