Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Two Worlds but One Kingdom

It is the day after Easter and I've been home with my family and church for a week now. It was wonderful to worship with my community again but I found myself thinking about Team 2 and Easter in Cambodia. Truly the experiences of Svay Pak and Vancouver are two different worlds but I've learned that we are all part of one Kingdom in Christ. So even as we celebrated the Lord's Supper at Fairview (using Goldfish Crackers) we were one with our brothers and sisters in Svay Pak.

Many thanks to Team 2 and the great work you have done. The murals look fantastic. It is a joy to witness from a distance the really good work you've done. It is also a privilege to have shared in this work - work of the Kingdom.

Also many thanks to Beth and blessing she was to both teams. Beth looked after so many of the little details to free us to do the work. We couldn't have done it without you. Thanks Beth.

Grant (Team 1)

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