Thursday, April 8, 2010

What a trip and what a privilege!

Well what a trip. The only bad part was that I waited so long to take part in this kind of privilege. The love and support of our families and friends on the Home Team was so encouraging. I want to be part of the next Forward Jericho prayer walk too! There isn't enough time to share all the memories here. We cried, we laughed and then we cried and laughed some more. In two short weeks we connected with a part of a country ravished with atrocities that are beyond “nightmare”. We learned about a new culture so drastically different than ours. But the best part is we learned many people in Cambodia are being healed by the same ONE and ONLY GOD that we serve. We saw firsthand that HIS touch is the only way these people can not only carry on but faithfully serve our GOD and HIS people.

Thanks again for the privilege!
Brian McLeod

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