Saturday, June 12, 2010

Catching Up With Old Friends

Today is my 'rest' day so to speak so I spent the morning sleeping and then met up with a dear old friend Marie Ens who oversees Place of Rescue. We had lunch at one of my favorite jaunts Khmer Surin and just spent the afternoon chatting, re- connecting and praying about our ministries. Marie is now 75 years old but truly continues to inspire me with her boundless energy and passion for the AIDS orphans that she cares for. She and her husband Norm first came to Cambodia as missionaries in 1961 and God used them to sow into so many Cambodian lives both here and overseas. Returning to Cambodia as a widow, Marie continues to labor on behalf of vulnerable children and the Lord continues to enlarge her tents as she oversees a ministry that cares for 300 orphans, grannies and AIDS families. I believe this is her season of harvesting! She is the epitome of Psalm 92:14 which says: 'they will still bear fruit in old age, they will stay fresh and green.' Indeed she is modelling to us what it mean to stay fresh and green as we grow older and a demonstration that God can use anyone at any age for His purposes. He's just looking for someone who is willing and available!

Tomorrow I will be heading to Svay Pak for the church service with both local Khmer friends and a couple Canadians who are visiting. It will be a mini entourage as we leave at 7am to go in two tuk-tuks to the 7:30am service. Pastor Chantha will be preaching on Matthew 5:13-16 about being the Salt & Light of the world and has asked if I would also share a word of encouragement. Pray that the Lord will anoint both our lips and give us His words and His revelations so that it will speak to people's hearts and achieve that for which He has planned and purposed!

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  1. Good to keep hearing your updates of both refreshment and of challenge! I've been thinking about you and your offer to come with next year....