Monday, June 7, 2010

Coming to Summer School

This morning I headed down to Svay Pak for a 9am start time. This is a far cry from my 7:15am work day in Toronto so with all these extra hours in the morning, it has allowed me to have a longer quiet time for which I am thankful for.

The summer school classes at the Sanctuary only started last week so there are still lots of kinks to be worked out, nonetheless, it really was a joy to watch these young kids, many of whom are around 5 to 7 years old come sauntering in with a huge smile on their faces and backpacks that were almost the same size as their torsos. They have such an enthusiasm with some of them running up the stairs to go to their classes. I don't recall ever having that kind of excitement for school at their age! One of my little friends called 'T' came over to me said 'hi Lisa' gave me a big hug and in her English told me she couldn't stay to talk as she had to go to class.' She is about 7 years old but oh so very cute with her long pony tail and big eyes. She like many I saw today have such an eagerness to learn and seem just overjoyed to be here.

Then they were the young boys --- around 8 to 12 years old who offered their 'manly' services when a whole slew of plastic size chairs for kids were delivered. They all wanted to lift their own stack of chairs up to the classrooms on the upper floors. Each of them seemingly proud to help in such a way. Watching these kids who have so little and yet so willingly wanting to serve, it seems like such a far cry from kids I have seen at home. Indeed Jesus is raising up a generation here that is discovering the joy of serving. Perhaps it is because it is being modelled in the 26 students who are being discipled by Pastor Chantha. Today 'the 26' were at it again, setting up tables and chairs, helping to prepare the lunch, washing dishes and plates and cleaning up after lunch. Truly it is a wonderful sight to see such young people who instinctively offer to help at a moment's notice. There is no whining, no negotiating, no hesitation, they simply do it with a real sense of joy and love. As Pastor Chantha said to me, he couldn't do all the work in this place if it were not for these young students. God is certainly preparing and raising up a community of young people who are dedicated to Him and to blessing His people.


  1. I am still so amazed that this building has been transformed into one of such blessing for so many! PRAISE GOD.
    I am not sure of the restrictions/limitations for foreigners to worship at the Sanctuary, but I would love to come and pray (even outside the building!) there in August when I go to Cambodia with OMF.
    God bless the Ratanak summer school ministry and may those children continue to experience Christ's joy as they grow up to be servant leaders of their nation.

  2. Love it! I am so pleased at how pleased you are at these children! Love it!