Saturday, June 5, 2010

In Transit in Hong Kong

Hi Everyone

Well I'm in Hong Kong after a 15 hour flight from Toronto. We actually arrived ahead of our 5am schedule (HK is exactly 12 hours ahead of Toronto) so we got in at 4:15am. I managed to get 8 hours of sleep on the plane, read, journal and of course eat:-) All this to say, I feel very restful and energized. God is good...thank you for all your prayers. I don't think I have ever felt so prayed up for a trip but I feel His resurrection power and I'm not even in Cambodia as yet. But that is thanks to each of you who are journeying with me. Anyway, I have parked myself in the food court in the Hong Kong airport --- not because I'm hungry but you know we Asians like to be around food :-). In order to ensure my energy levels, I inquired of a security guard and he told me where to find a 24 hours Starbucks so I have treated myself to my usual soy latte! That will keep me going for the next few hours for sure.

So hear I am in Hong Kong. It feels weird being here on my own. Over the past 2 years I have traveled this route with teams and so as I walk the familiar jaunts here, its strange to not have the company, yet, I must confess I am enjoying the solitude. There is a freedom in not having to coordinate meeting times and worry where everyone else is my 'mother hen' mentality has given way to one of relaxation.

Thank you to those of you who I had sent a prayer request out to re: my luggage being overweight. God indeed answered your prayers as the agent at the Cathay Pacific counter didn't even notice the weight. In many ways, I feel this little event is a precursor of things to come. When I was weighing my luggage at home, I was unloading stuff as the bags were over the weight limit but I felt the Lord saying 'leave it, I will take care of it, you just trust me as I've gone ahead of you.' And He did. This is a journey of letting go of control and letting the Lord lead me one step at a time. It is a journey where He is calling me to inquire of Him each step of the way and then step out in faith. It will be a daily journey of inquiring of Him first thing in the morning of learning to trust Him at all times in all places despite the visible reality, despite my feelings or emotions. A book I was reading on the plane by Henri Houwen describes this journey of trust like this: Jesus would ask us 'Do you believe? Do you trust? Do you trust that God loves you so much that He wants to give you only life? When I try to answer, I realize how far I have to go. Much in me says 'I want to be sure that there are certain things in place before I take the leap of faith.' Every time I try to trust, I realize how many little conditions I put on trust. Every time I trust more I see how deep is my resistance. And how many levels I find that faith has not penetrated! We don't know how many levels there are but our lives are renewed each time we trust more. We take a leap of faith and trust only to see the next layer of possibility.

Why am I writing this now and what does it have to do with Cambodia. At this point, I see it as the first treasure or nugget of truth, He is depositing in me. You would think being a believer for almost 20 years that this lesson of trust would be learned but the reality is that God is always calling us to trust Him deeper and in so doing indeed our lives are not only renewed but spiritual muscle is being built within us, His foundation in us is being strengthened.

As I enter into Svay Pak for the third time in 3 years, I have no idea what to expect, but that's okay. I feel that place is Holy ground for me and so like Moses, I am called to take off my sandals--in essence to let go of any preconceived notions, to let go of any expectations and to let God lead, to go with open eyes, open ears and an open heart to hear, taste and see what He will reveal to me, what He will show me of both Himself and those who He brings into my midst. I am excited to say the least. I am hoping to pay a quick visit to Svay Pak around 2pm Cambodia time (that's about 3am Toronto time) today Sat June 5th to say hi and to hopefully get my first tour of The Sanctuary. Will try and take some pictures so that you will get a glimpse of the building now that it has been in use for 1 week!

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