Friday, July 16, 2010

The Redeemed

Today at the guitar lessons I had two groups going. Those who were more beginner types were learning the song 'God is so good' while the 3 advanced students were being taught 'Jesus We Enthrone You'. I suggested to them it might be easier to just sing it in Khmer since that would help with the transition of the guitar chords. Well, it was so amazing to see the 3 students quickly picked up the rhythm of the song and as they began to sing in Khmer everyone else stopped to listen to them. Paulie who is the main worship leader at the Sunday services has a booming voice and the others just follow her lead so we asked her to join us as we began to play the tune. We suddenly were joined with a choir from the other 20 students who were hanging out in the actual sanctuary as the morning classes were over.It was an amazing time of worship hearing their voices praising God in their own language. We kept on playing Jesus We Enthrone You over and over again for a good 20 minutes as they added in the harmony. I think the Lord must have been smiling down hearing these youth bellowing out this song of praise. I'm really inspired now to try and learn this song in Khmer as it was such a beautiful rendition but more importantly it was just neat to see how the Lord is cultivating a heart of worship among the youth.

Button Jewelry Necklaces

In the afternoon I went across the street to the new Lord's gym. This building was also a former brothel as the walls are still painted pink but the 'rape cubicles' are no longer there. Inside on the upper floor were some girls from the Newsong centre. Some of them have already been reintegrated back into the community while others are coming daily from Newsong.

Making button jewelry necklaces

In this upper room, they are learning to make pillow cases and jewelry with the help of one of the house mums. It was nice to see Mein developing her creative talents as she was working on a flower design for a pillow case. Our partners at AIM are planning on operating a jewelry and quilted silk pillow business in Svay Pak and so the girls are learning and developing their skills in this area.

Mein sewing a flower design onto a pillow case

I find it quite interesting that each of these girls have chosen to return to this community considering that a few of them were actually held in the former brothel that is now Rahab's house. One would think this would be the last place they would want to be, but yet, God is not just redeeming and restoring their lives, He is also using them as part of His redemptive purposes in Svay Pak. Pray that God would establish the works of their hands and use them to be a blessing to this community.

Making Pillow case covers

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