Thursday, August 11, 2011

You think you have seen it all in Svay Pak but then you discover another layer of sexual deviance and you once again are left to ponder, what next. Such was the case this afternoon when I was visiting Svay Pak and having a coffee with Pastor Chantha just outside Rahab's house. He pointed out a young 14 year old boy who every evening is trafficked and less you think he is just sold to pedophiles, think again. He is trafficked by his mother as a 'lady boy'----before he leaves Svay Pak in the evening, he is transformed into a 'girl' with a full layer of make up. This has been going on for the last 2 years of his life and if you think that is humiliating, he is further ridiculed by the kids in the community

 'N' is like any boy during the day, but at night he becomes a 'ladyboy'

"N's mother - a trafficker

Can you imagine what it is like to live under such conditions daily? Can you imagine the level of shame, guilt and embarrasment he is forced to endure? Can you imagine the living hell and the torture he must face each day both internally and externally? The level of human degradation and depravity in this environment is so hard to understand and comprehend. The reality is that we can't really understand because this type of activity is not 'normal'. Satan has so blinded the eyes of the families in this community that they will find 'creative ways' to make money by selling their children, whether boys or girls. Money is their idol.

It is times like this when I realize that it is only by the grace of God can these children ever have any hope of being healed and being transformed into His image. Unless He shows up, unless He touches the deep wounds in their soul, unless He restores their dignity and their identity in Him what chance do they have of surviving this traumatic ordeal that envelops their lives on a daily basis. Pray for 'N,' for God to some how intervene in his life, to break this cycle of bondage and set this young boy free from the emotional, mental and physical captivity that He is forced to endure daily. Pray for 'N's' mother and the other mothers in Svay Pak who view their children as a sexual commodity to supply all their material needs.

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