Saturday, October 8, 2011

An American Pedophile in Svay Pak

Our partner Don B,   recently posted a blog regarding an American pedophile in Svay Pak. Below are his comments:

I live in Svay Pak, Cambodia, a place where foreign pedophiles come to purchase and sexually abuse little girls every day.  In the past we would confront these men and force them to leave our village.  While this was emotionally gratifying, it really did nothing to stop the abuse of the children.  Recently we have changed our tactic and now try to initiate conversations with these pedophiles in order to obtain information that can be used by law enforcement and NGOs to stop the abuse and torture being inflicted upon dozens of children. 
Last week we were able to record an American pedophile as he negotiated with one of our staff (who he believed was a pimp) to purchase girls between the ages of six and ten in order to sexually abuse them.  Sadly, this audio file represents what happens daily here in Svay Pak.  In addition to the audio file we have a video of this pedophile.  Both files have been given to law enforcement, but a lack of resources have limited any action being taken against this man as he continues to rape and torture little girls.
Please help us by watching the video and listening to the recording (see link below), then share it with everyone you know who will join the fight against child sex trafficking.  The video and audio quality is not as good as we would like; however, if you know this man you might be able to ID him.  Any information we receive about him will be given to law enforcement helping to make up for the resources they lack. 
Please pray that the Lord would frustrate every plan of this man to hurt or harm any child not just in Svay Pak but anywhere he would go. He is a regular visitor to Cambodia. Even though this is like finding a needle in a haystack, we are trusting the God of the Impossible, to do what only He can do and that is orchestrate events and circumstances that this man is caught so that the children in Svay Pak and beyond will no longer have to live in terror by these who would perpetrate such acts of evil against them. 

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