Saturday, May 12, 2012

Courtyard - Take 2 - The Process

Today I decided to head back to Svay Pak to check out the ongoing clean up of the Courtyard --- otherwise known as the sewage dump located at the back of the Sanctuary. We heard that rats and snakes were being uncovered and that the sidewalks around the Courtyard were falling apart. I guess it was like a mini earthquake so I figured I would go check it out.

There were trucks bringing soil to create a path and a foundation for the Bobcat excavator to stand firm in the midst of the liquid sewage.
 Trucks carting soil to dump at the edge of the Courtyard

This continued for a while and then came the Bobcat spreading the soil into the sewage dump.

It then started to dig up the black slop and I have to confess, it was not a pleasant smell as several of us stood watching this activity.  At one point, my gag reflex kicked in and had to walk away as the smell was getting to me.

The Black liquid slop

I couldn't help but wonder how long has this sewage pond been around for and all the different things that could possibly be in there. Pastor Chantha mentioned that as as the excavator goes deeper into the middle of the sewage dump that we could see some interesting things come up so I think I'll be heading down again in a few days time to check it out.
 The Village Chief (left) and his assistant overseeing the work

While all this early digging was going on, the village chief and his assistant were close by directing the traffic of the Bobcat and the trucks. Its great to have their support and I greeted them briefly before they went back to overseeing the work. No doubt they recognize what a blessing it is to have this sewage dump be cleaned up.
 Kids checking out the sewage pond and watching the excavation

The families who live around the Sewage dump are getting a bit edgy with this disruption of their regular routine. Some of them stood around watching the excavation. The ones that seem the most fascinated and happy about it were the kids. Funny how it is that kids have a different perspective when it comes to change. 

Once the clean up of the black liquid is done, we hope to install a retaining wall around the entire Courtyard and then add a new drainage system which we trust will benefit the entire community. Following that,  sand and soil will be added to create a much cleaner environment and the enclosed area will be used as a playground for the students who attend the Svay Pak school.

This community is very complex and it is totally understandable why they may feel a bit uneasy about all that is happening so we want to do our best to bless them through this process. Please join us in prayer for this excavation process and for God to go ahead of us and the people who are working on this clean up.

As I think of the black slop I saw today being dug up, I couldn't help but think of the symbolic aspect of what it implies. All that muck and dirt, is like the sin that so easily entangles us and it can be painful as God cleanses us, as He has to go deep within us and so often we can feel uneasy and uncomfortable through the process because we do not know what the result will be. But thank God, He does. Thank God He does not leave us where we are, nor defines us by our limitations or the sin within, but sees the potential in us and does all He can to excavate our own hearts and cleanse us from the inside out so that we can be free of all that so often encumbers us and lead us to the promise land that He has for us because He loves us and wants the best for us! As I think of this community in Svay Pak, this is our hearts desire for them. That as this land is cleaned up and rebuilt, they will gain a glimpse of His beauty and the beauty that He is seeking to cultivate in each of them.

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