Monday, May 14, 2012

When It Rains It Pours and It Floods!

So the weather here is quite interesting. We went from 100 degree temperatures in April and in recent days we have had some torrential rain storms that feel like mini hurricanes with sudden downpours that flood the streets and lots of high winds, lightning and thunder. We are not even in rainy season but we are having some serious rain storms. Today we even had a power outage so I took the opportunity to open the veranda doors so I could have some light.

The streets here flood like crazy because the drainage system is not that efficient. So today I decided to snap some photos of some of the activity that was happening just outside our office on the main street.
 Kids using the flooded streets as a pool!

But life still goes on and I am always amazed at the resilience of the Khmer people. Weather does not hinder them in any way. They just go about doing their business, making the best of the most difficult and challenging situations.

A fruit vendor riding through the flooded street

With this kind of rain, it is an advantage to drive some kind of SUV as tuk tuks, bicycles and motorcycles have a much harder time wading through the water.If you happen to be a pedestrian on the street, be prepared to be engulfed by a wall of water as cars or SUVs drive by.

One of the most humorous scenes for me was watching the guy below sweep the water from his driveway. I think he was trying to direct the water towards the drainage system but to no avail as with passing cars, he just got dumped with further water.
Living here is an adventure. You never know what to expect but that is what makes it fun.

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