Saturday, July 7, 2012

Building a Fence!

On the weekends I usually like to chill and relax. One of the places that I find most relaxing is Svay Pak. Hard to believe one could make such a statement but for me, this is a place where I see the Lord's hand pouring out His light and bringing hope into this darken place. Don't get me wrong, the darkness is still there, but I get energized when I visit and see how He is building His kingdom in such a place and knowing that the gates of hell will not prevail.

One week has passed since the workers started building the fence and one section is almost complete. Its amazing how fast the construction is going. The neighbors have done a 360 degree change and are excited to see the wall go up---just a few days ago they were pelting stones at the construction workers but how quickly things change when people see the ''new thing''. Perhaps this is why I love coming to this village. It is so unpredictable and yet when God moves in, His plans and purposes will not be thwarted. He is the One that changes the hearts of people!

Neighbor doing some construction work along side the brick layer
While one of the workers was busy adding the bricks onto the fence framework, one of the residents were digging on the exterior side. Am not sure whether she was trying to help him or perhaps create a marking where she wanted to expand her house but it doesn't really matter. God has quieted the hostile hearts and now it seems every one wants to get involved in the action of building and constructing!

Building a prototype of the fence!

The little boys were at it again, creating their own fence. Its always so much fun watching the kids in this community emulate the construction activities they are seeing before their eyes. They too want to be part of the action and I can't help but think one would never see such activity on a construction site in North America. The whole site would be blocked off so only construction workers would have access. But here in Cambodia, the kids will use any excuse to play.

One of the most cutest sights I saw today was a bunch of kids in a group. I quickly peered over to see what they were doing and it seemed they had constructed their own version of a small pool using bricks and paper and straw. Already the kids here are discovering that this Courtyard is a fun place to hang out. I pray in the years to come that these early burst of creativity will give birth to new levels of creativity that will ultimately bring glory to God as these youngsters discover the God who created them and has blessed them with imaginations and abilities that will reflect His beauty as they partner with Him to become builders of His kingdom in this community.
Building a pool -- kids version!
But the unsung heroes of this project are really the workmen.  Pastor Chantha was telling me that those who live on site start working at 6am and do not stop until the late afternoon.
Workmen digging holes for the fence
They earn just under $5.00 a day for their physical labors and despite the small pay, they know it is an honest days work. Their alternative would be to sell drugs where they could make a lot more money, but they have said they choose to do this kind of work because they do not want a life of trouble. They are realizing that money does not bring freedom. True freedom comes from making wise choices and in this environment where poverty reigns, it is admirable to see these young men choosing to make so little when they can be easily tempted to make more money in illegal ways. As I thought of them I am reminded of that scripture passage in Matthew 25:21 which says: ‘Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness!’ May the Lord continue to raise up such righteousness your men and women in this nation, who would choose to walk a road less traveled despite the hardships, knowing that one day, as they are faithful in the small things, the Lord will honor and bless them and entrust them with greater things that will enable them to truly experience the abundant life in Him and through Him!


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